wifi network in the office

9 ways to boost your office WiFi network

WiFi is arguably the greatest and most frustrating technology development in the modern workplace. The ability to wirelessly connect to the internet provides a freedom and flexibility never before experienced.
computer programs

6 simple steps to optimize computer performance

A slow computer can turn an otherwise great, productive day into a frustrating one. Whether you’re in a hurry to pull up a report before a meeting, get an email out before the end of the day, or submit a file before a deadline you rely on your computer to get the job done.
office 365

What Are the Steps to Migrate to Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is an impressive suite of cloud-based software products. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, you name it — you get access to Microsoft’s productivity programs and can save all your data in the cloud.

8 BYOD Statistics That Actually Matter

The trend toward SMEs offering Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) alternatives to employees started quietly in 2004. However, use of the concept has grown rapidly in the recent past. Do you offer BYOD? Should you? Done well, statistics show that there are advantages to allowing BYOD, and employees are starting to expect it.

Watch Out for These BYOD Risks

With the rise of cloud communications more and more companies have adopted a “bring your own device,” (AKA BYOD) policy. Due to the prevalence of wireless technology, combined with the emergence of cloud tools to keep people connected at all times, it’s clear that BYOD is the next logical step in office tech evolution.
modern printer

Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines: What You Need to Know

When laser printing came onto the scene the 1970s, it was used for high-quality printing at a time when inkjet printers were still somewhat primitive. Today, businesses use laser printing for high volume, fast turnaround print projects.
meeting devices

5 Devices That Will Make Your Conference Room the Coolest in Town

In today’s business environment, the goal of gathering everyone who needs to attend a meeting in one room isn’t typically achievable. Team members are sometimes located all around the world. And, the same is true for vendors and vendor support personnel.
unified communications

6 Must-Have Components of a Solid Unified Communications Strategy

Unified communications (UC) strategies have become a requirement for businesses to maintain a competitive advantage.Communication has become more difficult in most enterprises because teams don’t always work in the same office. Additionally, collaboration is more critical in today’s business environment than ever before.

5 of the Best Business Apps for Collaboration in 2018

Ease into AnchorSix’s IT helpdesk services with our guide, ensuring a smooth transition for your business operations.
computer hardware

Hardware or Software? 3 Computer Problems You Can Resolve Today

Has your computer suddenly begun to malfunction? Is it running slower than normal or are programs crashing? Have you gotten the “blue screen of death”?Any time an issue with your computer occurs, one of the first things you have to figure out is if it is a hardware issue or a software problem.