Common Sense Security



You’ve heard it a million times. Make your passwords different and make them complicated. Do you do it? Probably not. In fact, the most common password is still “123456.”

As an individual, you can solve your password situation fairly easily: 1) Get a password manager (there are tons) and 2) use it. As a business, your cybersecurity becomes a bit more complicated.


If you use a computer in your business, you (and your employees) are constantly threatened by malware, whether you know it or not. There isn’t some hacker somewhere trying to guess your password. These days, you have hacking algorithms running code based on any details the code can get from you. (This is why you need complicated and unique passwords: You’re only as secure as the least secure password you use.)

 Think about it. You are a target for:

  • Trojans
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Adware

Knowing this, here are some common sense security measures that go a long way in protecting your infrastructure.


Much like layers keep you warm in winter, cyber defense layers protect your intellectual property with multiple tools so you’re not an easy target. The layers that you should use often depend on what kind of work you do. But a good rule of thumb is to have some form of:

  • Antivirus software
  • Web-filtering
  • Password requirements
  • Firewalls

These tools help combat many of the common internet security problems businesses face.



You never want to find out that malware affected your company (and your profit) because an employee inadvertently open the wrong file. You can use category-based filters to reduce the potential for web-based malware content to infect your network. Peer-to-peer applications, for example, can lead to contaminants. Likewise, you can eliminate unsecured websites having easy access into your systems.

You also want to receive reports on internet use, so you can not only monitor where you employees visit, but also how your bandwidth is allocated and much more.

And Us

Having a great managed IT services provider is crucial for many SMBs who don’t have the technical know-how to secure their intellectual property, nor do they want it. Because it’s complicated work and it changes fast.

The good news is that we at AnchorSix are experts in making security the least of your concerns. With AnchorSix as your MSP, you never have to worry about the strength of your defenses. Let us do the work for you.

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