cutting red wire

IT Documentation: Don’t Cut the Red Wire

Who doesn’t love a great action thriller show? On a series like 24, it seems like every other episode has a scene that makes us sweat, and believe that it might be the end for the hero of the show. One, in particular, was when Jack Bauer had to diffuse a bomb (which basically happens every single season). Every bomb he diffuses comes down to life or death based on cutting the right or wrong wire. We tell you that to say this: Dealing with your IT systems should never be an action thriller.

Create a Roadmap

Throughout our years of experience in IT, one of the biggest issues we have encountered when we meet new clients is the fact that they have no idea what any of the technology in their office does. We don’t blame them for this either. They have a great deal of work to do and they focus on what they’re good at: their own business. It makes sense that they don’t have the time to learn what every light and wire does, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A good IT service provider helps build out a roadmap for a business, showing them exactly what they need to succeed in their field. In addition to this, they help identify and provide IT documentation for all of the complex equipment in the offices that keep your computing up and running.

Offload Your Technology

Without documentation of what each item does in your office, you could make a big mess for yourself and your business. Something as simple as pulling out the wrong wire or simply turning something off could lead to catastrophic data and systems failure for your business. A simple flick of the wrong switch could make you lose months, if not years of data, and days of time as well as money to try to fix the problems you caused. It’s like cutting the wrong wire in an action thriller show. With the clip of the wrong thing, there’s a catastrophic explosion. Catastrophic events (non-explosive of course) are the last thing anyone wants for you and your company.

Don’t feel bad that you may not know what things do what in your company. If you google questions like “How does (insert technology) work?” or “What is a server?” or “What does (insert any piece of equipment) do in my office?” and you’ll see that thousands of businesses before you had the same level of knowledge. The good thing about all of this is that it’s easily correctable.

AnchorSix and IT Documentation

As we mentioned above, by hiring a proper IT service provider with years of experience and a deep understanding of the technology you need, the stress of cutting the red wire can be taken out of your hands and put into a team’s with the knowledge to take care of things without even breaking a sweat. They’ll help you with the proper IT documentation so that your actions with your office technology will never become an imminent threat to the safety of your business’ data and operations.