Elect a Virtual IT Department to Your Night’s Watch


In Game of Thrones, the Night’s Watch is a military order dedicated to guarding the Wall. The Wall is an immense fortification that makes up the northernmost border of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, created to protect the realm from threats that lie beyond. For all intents and purposes here, think about your network as the Wall and your virtual IT department as its very own Night’s Watch. It might sound a little dramatic, but your team of tech specialists has more in common with the sworn brothers of the Watch than you may think.

Both your virtual IT department and the Night’s Watch are set up to care for and protect entities (your business and the Wall, respectively). They employ a variety of tactics to ensure that this goal is met and work around-the-clock to find solutions to problems that arise. When hiring a virtual IT department, you want to find one with these key strengths:


Customizing an IT Strategy

The Night’s Watch is there to do whatever it takes to maintain and defend the Wall against invaders – starting with preparing a battle plan. Your virtual IT department is there to do the same for your network.

In order to successfully protect your data, you need to create the best strategy for safeguarding it in your environment. An experienced virtual IT department will work with you to identify your top security concerns and test your current defenses, before recommending an approach and plan to build and deliver the right protection for your network.

Additionally, they’ll stay current on new technology and IT best practices to help fortify your company’s security strategy when appropriate.

Creating a Strong Defense

Like the Night Watch guards the Wall, one of your virtual IT department’s main priorities is protecting your network from cyber threats. This includes establishing roles, policies, and protocols to keep your sensitive data safely inside your system and building up your virtual defenses to keep cyber criminals out. They’ll also make sure that your hardware is maintained and your software is updated to keep your business operation secure and compliant.

In today’s increasingly complex digital world, it can be overwhelming to arm your network against numerous and diverse security threats evolving almost daily. Combined with the knowledge that over “75.6% of organizations having encountered at least one successful cyber attack within the last year,” it’s imperative to have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts who make your company’s cybersecurity their first priority.

Joining Forces with You

In Game of Thrones, the Night’s Watch is made up of rangers, builders, and stewards, all working toward the common goal of protecting the Wall and the community inside. Like this fictional group, a solid virtual IT department includes members with a range of specific and complementary skillsets.

Network administrators, help desk technicians, and network engineers will come together to protect your business data. Each IT warrior will add strength in their particular field, putting an entire team of experts at your fingertips for a monthly fee.

Defend Your Network

Your business is your kingdom. In order to look after it, you need to arm yourself with a team of skilled professionals who can prevent issues and solve problems that arise – always ready to fight for your company’s success.

At AnchorSix, we are experts in both. Contact us to learn more about protecting your organization’s assets and to discover how we can serve as your virtual IT department.