How to Choose the Right Workstation for Your Company


Technology is more important to your company than ever before, and it’s critical that you make the right choices in terms of the technology you use. Here are the things you need to consider to get the workstations that are right for you.

General Considerations

These general guidelines will help you to make the best decisions.

The cheapest is rarely the best. While you don’t want to waste money, looking for the best deal on a computer isn’t always the best approach. Think of your acquisition as an investment in your company’s future and buy what you need.

Use one operating system. Use the same operating system (either Windows or Apple Mac) for everyone, unless you have a specific requirement that dictates making an exception.

Get the most powerful processor you can find for your applications. The life of a computer is limited due to advancements in technology. If you buy a slower processor now, your equipment will be obsolete that much sooner. In addition, processors are more difficult to upgrade than other components. Scale the processor based on usage; for example, an employee who spends most of their time writing content won’t need as much power as one who is doing 3D models.

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Don’t skimp on RAM. The system will be most productive if it has enough RAM to manage the type of multi-tasking that most employees do with their computers. You can add more RAM later, but make sure the systems have a reasonable amount at the beginning.

Get the right video cards. If any of your staff is doing high-level graphics or 3D work, they’ll need a much more powerful video card than someone who produces documents and spreadsheets.

Don’t buy last year’s model. You’ll get a better price on year old computers, but you’ll have the same problem as if you purchased a slower processor. You’ll need to upgrade your equipment sooner than you would with the latest components.

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Buy Workstations to Fit Individual Needs

Different employees in your company will have different requirements. You should choose the right computers to make your employees as productive as possible.

Employees Who Spend Time Outside the Office

Virtually every company has employees who spend some or most of their time outside the office. Sales representatives are a good example. While they’re out making customer calls, they still need to have access to applications that are hosted in the office.

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In that situation, the best alternative is typically a laptop computer because it gives you the portability you need. In some instances, a laptop will be more expensive than a desktop, but when portability is critical, it’s worth the investment.

Employees Who Work in the Office

A laptop isn’t the best answer for someone who is in the office and works on the computer for several hours a day. Many people prefer a standard keyboard over a laptop keyboard for long hours of use. Besides that, laptops are typically more expensive and should only be used when needed. There are two alternatives for desktop work:

  • All in One (AiO) Computers: These computers combine the processor and the monitor. As a result, they are easy to transport, easy to set up, save space, and provide a touch screen capability. These systems are very useful where space is limited, and/or the users aren’t technically oriented.
  • Desktop Computers: These computers consist of a monitor, keyboard and a separate CPU module. They take up more space, but they’re much more flexible than the AiO computers. You can add components, such as a second screen or additional memory, relatively easily. They’re also typically less expensive than an AiO similarly configured.

Making the Right Choices

To make sure you’re making the right choices, start by setting guidelines for your search in terms of operating system, processors, RAM and other components such as video cards. Then, review the requirements for each department or position to identify the best option, and you’ll find you have the technology you need to help your business grow. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We help businesses scale their workstation needs to fit multiple types of employees and positions.