The Right Idea But The Wrong Tools


In a professional landscape, getting a team on the same page and staying there should be the first priority. But with any environment comes distraction, both in the internal hurdles of competitive streaks, the power transference of generating ideas and overall chemistry within the group, and in the external sense of resources and facilities. In short, it’s the office equivalent of nature vs nurture. When natures collide, threatening the harmony of the team, perhaps the best solution is to engage in nurturing by embracing the proper tool to create and sustain progress.

Productivity and Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 was created specifically for the purpose of efficiency, utilizing a design layout that promotes productivity and functionality. For example, email can often become a frustrating mass of festering disarray if left unorganized, but with Office 365’s Outlook, a team can streamline their email correspondence through a number of features. Features such as contact manager, which allows for the organization and storage of business contact records in a manner that provides for continuous update, linking further records in order to maintain an overall history of relations with a given contact.

For teams in need of organization, there’s also the newly added Microsoft Teams, a digital chat-based work environment designed for emboldening collaboration across the full professional spectrum. In our interconnected era of global telecommunications, Microsoft Teams encourages online engagement through the use of threaded chats, akin to the social media interaction we’re all so familiar with. Conversations are made visible to every member of the team, along with a number of accessibility-based features including Skype voice and video conferencing. The universal availability of programs including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Delve, Planner, SharePoint and more provide team members with the ability to work on documents, presentations, spreadsheets and projects in immersive, collaborative efforts. Office 365 Groups, a cross-application membership service, makes the ability to share, provide feedback and cooperate on projects easier than ever.


Customized to Your Business

With unique teams requiring specific needs for their given work, Office 365 is also built for full customization, providing teams with the capability for tailoring their workspace to accommodate and support team specifications. Office 365 also provides optimal storage space through Microsoft’s secure, global cloud, accessible through both desktop and mobile devices no matter where in the world you are. And thanks to Microsoft’s sophisticated data encryption, both at rest and in transit, content and materials can be created and collaborated on with the utmost sense of security.

Incorporated into both personal and professional practices by an average of 85 million active monthly users, Office 365 offers a one-stop multi-tool for working together, no matter what task is at hand or what project resides on the horizon. An idea is only as strong as the tool you use to see it come to fruition. No matter your professional environment, Office 365 is the right tool for taking the seed of innovation and bearing ripe, bountiful fruit.

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