They Landed a Man on the Moon, Yet My Phone Doesn’t Work


If you’re like most of us, you had a sassy grandmother or mother who had a lot to say about technology never working for them. One of our all-time favorite lines was “They landed a man on the moon yet (whatever it was) doesn’t work!”

We can only imagine how many times you could say something similar with your business’ technology. In our experience, we’ve found that simple VoIP phone systems have become more of a headache to many local businesses than anything else.


What is VoIP?

VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) is the standard type of phone system that many businesses use. It’s much more reliable than traditional phone systems and allows you to easily record data and see statistics on how well the system is functioning.

Unfortunately, with small issues in internet connectivity, a business can begin to have a wide range of very frustrating audio problems.

Don’t just take our word for it. outlined the major issues that can arise in VoIP, and they are all directly related to poor internet connection. From jitters (aka garbled voices) to dropped calls and bad routers, everything points to your internet connection.

The good news about all of this is that it is all easily avoidable on the front end, and easily corrected if something goes wrong. But you shouldn’t do it on your own.

Did you know? “Companies typically use 40-50 percent of the functions that are available, but each company uses a unique 40-50 percent.” Smart Business


Why choose VoIP?

Your business is the most important thing to you and your focus needs to be there, not your VoIP phone systems. As much as we’re sure you would want to fix these issues on your own, it would only take precious time and money away from your business to be able to do so.

That’s why we would recommend working with a skilled IT service provider to build a proper technology roadmap for your business so that you not only fix your internet connectivity but also find the proper VoIP phone service and work with the best telecommunications companies.

Another thing you have to realize is that sure, it’s not putting a man on the moon, but the technology that you have to understand in order to properly set up and implement a VoIP system is complex and has much more depth than most people have the time to tackle.

A quality service provider will have years of experience with these types of systems and have worked through just about every type of issue that has arisen. They’ll also work side by side with you even after the system has been set up so that you don’t have to be stressed out about having to fix things on your own.


AnchorSix and Business Communication

To really enhance your business communications, you need to find the right IT service provider to correct for the obvious errors or maintain your phone system for you. Remember that even though you could tackle these issues on your own, it could only make things more complicated and stressful after costing your business both time and money.

Call AnchorSix today. Work smarter, not harder when it comes to VoIP.

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