Will Your Business Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?


In the realm of real business risk, an undead takeover is probably not high on your list of concerns. Though the black and lifeless eyes of any junior member of your legal team may have you reaching for a shotgun, you’ve got other real-life concerns that could affect your business continuity.

The question really is: When catastrophe strikes, is your business capable of withstanding the damage and moving ahead effortlessly? If you’re not sure, we at AnchorSix may have a solution. Read on.


Preparedness; Or, The Benefit of Sharpened Sticks

Watch any zombie movie and you’ll see the benefits of being prepared. Those who don’t, make great zombie food. Those who know what tools they have on hand—typically pointy ones—fare well.

The same happens in business. But few take the steps to protect their intellectual property to keep their business running through a disaster.

At AnchorSix, we recognize this terrifying fact. Part of our process is to arm you with the right tools for your business. We put you on the right side of preparation so you never lose step, even if you have to work out of office indeterminately.


Response; Or, Here Comes The Flood

Whether natural disaster hits your city or your office is crawling with the walking dead, when trouble hits, your business can often be measured by your response.

How long can your system be down? Most SMBs can’t afford a few hours down, much less several days.

Our goal is to ensure your business’s continuity through a natural disaster, or simply when a temporary office solution is needed. When your vital infrastructure is properly backed up, your response is immediate: Let’s get back to work.


Recovery; Or, The Return to Normalcy

Every great story of disaster has a recovery. While those other SMBs scramble in response to a disaster, you are still the high-functioning machine you were before. Why? Because you made the right decision early.

We know there is freedom in the ability to recover a lost machine, anywhere, anytime. We not only use the highest level of backup solution to ensure total recovery but daily we push and pull against those backups to ensure their strength and reliability.



Ultimately, the only way to ensure business continuity is to plan with trusted advisors by your side. We learn how your business functions and help you create a plan that is custom to your needs. Never more and never less than what you need.

Take pride in your ability to continue on unimpeded. Let the other guys fight the walking dead.

Contact us to talk about your business continuity.