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What Everyone Needs to Know About the Cloud

  Cloud computing is a hot topic in the IT industry. Some say it’s the answer for every company for all applications, and some say that cloud computing just doesn’t make sense. The truth is somewhere in between – here are the things you need to know. The Pros and Cons of On-Premise Applications Running […]

New iPhone Vulnerability: Lock Screen Can Leak Your Contacts!

  Think your data is safe when you lock your phone? Thanks to a newly discovered vulnerability with iOS 7.1.1 (the latest version), a hacker has the ability to bypass your lock screen and easily access your contact information.This vulnerability was discovered by programmer Sherif Hashim. In this video Sherif shows how a hacker can […]

Will Your Business Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

  In the realm of real business risk, an undead takeover is probably not high on your list of concerns. Though the black and lifeless eyes of any junior member of your legal team may have you reaching for a shotgun, you’ve got other real-life concerns that could affect your business continuity. The question really […]

Follow These 5 Social Media Security Tips After Facebook’s Data Breach

    Did Facebook get you worried? The social media company’s recent data breach, which left 50 million user profiles exposed, has pushed more people to tighten up their online security. Making a few quick changes to your social media profiles could safeguard your personal data from cybercriminals, untrustworthy third parties, and even potential employers. Here are […]

Mountains of Old Monitors are Creating an Ecological Disaster!

  Remember when you upgraded to a flat screen TV or monitor just a few years ago? You may have marveled at the increased picture quality and celebrated getting rid of your old and bulky equipment, but do you know what happened to the old CRT monitor after you threw it out? Unfortunately, the answer […]

3 of the Most Common Downtime Scenarios Caused by Technology

  We’ve reached a point with technology that we’re totally dependant upon it to accomplish most mission-critical business tasks. This is great for getting business done efficiently, but being dependent upon technology makes operations virtually impossible when technology fails. This is called downtime, and your business needs to be prepared for every downtime scenario possible. […]

They Landed a Man on the Moon, Yet My Phone Doesn’t Work

  If you’re like most of us, you had a sassy grandmother or mother who had a lot to say about technology never working for them. One of our all-time favorite lines was “They landed a man on the moon yet (whatever it was) doesn’t work!” We can only imagine how many times you could […]

Dump Your Landline: How VoIP Betters Your Business

  If your business is stuck using an antiquated landline phone system, you are literally slowing your employees down to a standstill. Look around. Some of your team will be standing near the printer. Some will be standing still over at the water cooler. Others will be standing at their desks waiting for files to […]